Created by: Andrea Morgan, Pastry Chef
With Four Seasons: 1 year
Time it took to create: 30 hours
Status: Sold to Virginia Zimmerman, in memory of Ken Zimmerman

About the Gingerbread Cathedral of Junk:

Before taking on the task of recreating this iconic Austin structure, Andrea had never seen the Cathedral of Junk. “I finally had the chance to visit this unique place and it’s definitely ‘Eclectic Austin,'” said Andrea.

To capture the thousands of pieces that make up this structure, Andrea had to use pretty much every ingredient and technique she could think of. Even with almost 400 different details in the completed house, she had to leave some details out because it was impossible to include it all. Among the fundamental pieces of the junkyard Andrea was able to feature are the ‘Welcome to Trash Vegas” sign and the gong you have to ring to come inside. Creative ingredients like chocolate ropes and fondant vines are also incorporated, along with colored¬†Isomalt, smashed into tiny pieces,¬†to recreate the look of the shattered glass strewn about the yard. To further personalize the structure, she included a surf board at the entrance signed by Four Seasons staff.

About Andrea:

Originally a philosophy major, Andrea discovered during her sophomore year at UT that baking in her small kitchen was infinitely more enjoyable than pondering Aristotle’s meaning of life. After powering through two more years to get her traditional degree, she attended Le Cordon Bleu to better herself as a baker.

A member of Four Seasons pastry team for over a year now, Andrea specializes in (and loves) making macaroons. She also volunteers in her free time by baking cakes for Bake-a-Wish.

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